Trenton, Michigan Creative Custom Photography by Michael Falk


Genres: Senior Portraits, Fashion, Engagement, Portraiture (Family, Children, Individual, Beauty), Portfolio Development (Model, Actor), Band Portraiture, Stage & Set (Live Music or Performance).

Hello, my name is Michael and I want to be your Photographer!

I know there are a lot of choices out there all with different price points so making a decision can be difficult and sometimes confusing. To help with your decision I will go over what is important to me as a photographer. In the process I hope to touch on some of the same things you might find important thereby indicating we might be a good photographer/client match.

First, I only offer creative custom photography. This means the day is about you, your needs, your expectations. I only book one shoot a day, yours! Custom photography is about the choice and the experience. It’s a unique approach where your photographer devotes 1:1 attention to you and your aspirations for the shoot. These are your memories, your life, it’s not the time to tolerate a ‘next in line’ feeling in a crowded portrait studio. Sessions are normally longer then usual and require a pre-consultation.

Second, It’s not just a business to me, it’s a lifestyle. I tackle every assignment like it’s going to be a fun exciting art project, one that your part of. I’m interested in your vision, your end goal, and the collaboration that gets us there. It’s team work and a good understanding of expectations that will achieve the outstanding end results we are both after.

Third, I strive to learn and discover new things about photography every day. I’m always growing as a photographer and it’s this learning that keeps me motivated and my photography fresh. For you this means you are never just another number where “click, click, click, next” is the routine and the photos match the enthusiasm of the photographer. No, for me, each one of you is a opportunity for me to become a even better photographer and push myself to the limits. I just can not see another way, I simply value my work just as much as I value my time. I’m always hoping the next photo, the one of you, will be the one that upstages all my previous work and I add it to my portfolio.

Lastly, I’m reasonable on all fronts but perhaps most important to you, Pricing (View Investment Guide). Yes, you can find some cheaper and perhaps you will find a photographer that will offer unlimited outfit changes, a complete CD of fully edited high res photos and a copy of their soul for 100 dollars. It might be enticing but remember the old adage, it’s true, you really do get what you pay for. Cost is directly related to the perceived and tangible value of anything. All of the precious moments you want to remember forever are running away at an incredibly fast pace each day. A good photograph can help keep those memories fluid and alive.

Who is Michael Falk Photography?

You can read more about me on my “About Me” page but I wanted to quickly introduce you to my other team members. When permitting Julie Harris accompanies me on most shoots as second photographer and assistant. Additionally, Mr. Joey Harris, second assistant and reflector holder usually offers some insightful tips on posing.


What is your Style of Photography?

Please review my Portfolio or Recent Work pages to get a sense for my stylistic approach. I tend to lean toward the more dramatic edgy lighting as I just love the moody atmospheric quality. I also love natural light as well, especially when the conditions are most opportune and mother nature is revealing her artistic side. You just can’t beat that!

Where do we operate?

As a custom photographer my preference is to shoot most assignments on location within a 15 mile radius of Trenton, MI 48183. For each additional mile there is a charge of 1$/Mile added to the session fee. For times the weather is not permitting or we just absolutely need that studio atmosphere we have set aside a small space in our home for studio purposes. It is complete with studio lighting and a nice selection of backdrops. Our goal is to capture everyone in their element so bringing some props along in this situation is recommended. Ultimately, the best outcomes happen when we are at a location that means something to you.

Want to Book a Shoot?

Great, we are going to create some amazing images and have a great time in the process. Make sure you go over our complete Investment guide for more information and then use our Contact Page to get things rolling.

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